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World of Warcraft Travel Posters by dcmjs

Last week I pulled out my pad to take notes from the amazing design of these World of Warcraft travel posters by Washington-based designer, Matt Stevenson.

Made as a personal project, the Azeroth Tourism and Land Appreciation Society (A.T.L.A.S.) is a series of posters featuring the starting zones for all races in the game. Stevenson created the set of posters when he found out his brother had began playing World of Warcraft.

The posters are not only very well made in terms of color editing, but also in the iconography and type used to make each zone feel unique and inviting, yes, even the one that’s a graveyard with living zombies walking around.

To be honest, I tried to go for a similar look when creating the visual look of the travel posts in Astromono, but didn’t take the idea as far as Stevenson has. Might actually revamp it after I’m done with Pateando Calle.