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Time to Drop the Bombs in Stephan Caffa’s Horizon Danger

Here’s a cool vine straight out of Horizon Danger, a competitive platform shooter in development by Stephan Caffa which is actually awaiting Steam Greenlight approval.

Time to Drop the Bombs in Stephan Caffa's Horizon Danger

By day, Stephan Caffa is a university professor in The Netherlands, but by night he transforms in the sole driving force behind Horizon Danger, a game that began development back in October 2013.

With pixelated graphics blowing each other up in a cyberpunk dystopian future, your goal is to kill your adversary using bombs at your disposal. You can jump and also shoot a stun pellet that will freeze your enemy, but don’t get careless because if you get caught in the radius of your own bombs, you’ll go down with them.

Scaffa is working to include at least 10 different battle levels set in different planets with alternate weapons, power-ups and play modes for up to four local players.

If Towerfall Ascension or Super Crate Box are your thing, then you might get a kick out of this one. It brings back a similar vibe to that of Phantom 2040 on the SNES, mainly due to its color palette and music. Part of the game’s appeal is undoubtedly the fact it’s a perfect example of what a single dedicated person can do if they really want to get into the video games industry.


Wait for the game launch in early 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux. You can help it get on Steam by giving it a thumbs up here.