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Super Time Force Ultra Comes Out Today!

Finally! Super Time Force Ultra (STFU) comes out on Steam today and I’ma grab a copy like my life depends on it! There’s a trailer after the jump if you don’t know why I’m all hot and bothered about it.

The ULTRA version is seasoned with three new characters: Saxton Hale and Pyro from Team Fortress 2 and Zoey from Left 4 Dead, but I just want to play as the dinosaur with the skateboard. I’m a simple guy like that. There’s also 50 new challenge levels and the characters now have ULTRA powers because enjoy life.

When Super Time Force came out early this year, I was walking through rice fields in Philippines and I cried one (1) big fat tear because I’ve been cheesing for this Capy game for 2 years. It also didn’t help that I got to play a demo and meet Nathan Vela at PAX East 2013, so it will be an immediate purchase by the time I’m done with work today.


Super Time Force Ultra