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Metro Clash: Developing a Public Brawl

Metro Clash: Developing a Public Brawl

A few weeks back I became a Deep Dungeons of Doom devotee, marveled at how small and super fun this game was, which then lead me to ask who made the designs and animations behind it. That’s how I found Midio and Metro Clash, a new game with public transportation set right at the center of its action.

Metro Clash: Developing a Public Brawl

Recently, Midio moved in with Amora and Saint11, the team behind Studio Miniboss, to create Indie House São Paulo. Saint11 is also part of the team developing Skytorn with Indie House Vancouver.

Midio is a designer and animator who currently works on Metro Clash, but also contributes as a key member of Alpaca Team, a group of Brazilian designers and programmers making games from the hot region.

Going by the website’s description, Metro Clash’s vision is informed by hood gangs beating each other up for power in the future, with plenty of inspiration coming from Jet Set Radio and Mega Man Battle Network in its design.  André Asai and Gregório Toth are also involved in the game programming and production aspects of the game.

Anyone whose discussed movies with me would know The Warriors is one of my favorite films and the concept of street gangs is something that will always draw my attention. This is what drives my interest in this game’s pixelated graphics and the crazy live colors it rocks. Midio is currently in the process of redesigning some of the game’s characters and making sure each train stop and enemies in the different metro lines have their own look. It’s cool.

For now, Metro Clash doesn’t have any platforms or tentative launch date announced, so it could really end up anywhere depending on how big it’s scope is. Follow the game’s development here.