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Master Stars Piece Lupin & Jigen

This weekend I was bombarded by an unhealthy dose of Lupin III as news broke out last week that the gentleman thief would be getting married in the first episode of his new TV series. With the announcement came these Master Stars Piece series of collectibles by Banpresto.

Master Stars Piece Lupin The Third and Daisuke Jigen are two in what’s expected to be a line spanning the mainstay characters of the franchise. I’m digging the “instagram swag” pose for both the thief and the gunman, plus the classic socks-showing deal they got going on.

These were announced at a recent event in Japan alongside sculpts from a different Banpresto series which has a sitting Lupin and Fujiko Mine, which is more akin to the classic, edgier versions of the characters. It seems the two are sold separately, but it’s nice to know you can combine them into one sexy ensemble if you get both.

Lupin III will return to the lead role on his first TV series in 30 years with Lupin III: Part III where he dons a new blue jacket and will marry a new girl, Rebecca Rossellini, whose equally crafty and mysterious as most other women in Lupin’s life. The series is set in Rome, Italy and San Marino. Check out the trailer below:

Back in 2012, Lupin and crew came back into the spotlight thanks to the Lupin III: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine spin-off which was then directed by Sayo Yamamoto. This year’s new series looks decidedly different thanks to a new production crew which has Kazuhige Tomonaga (key animator on Castle of Cagliostro), writer Yuuya Takahashi (Tiger & Bunny) and series veteran Yuji Ohno composing the music.

There isn’t a pre-order date for these figures yet, but they it can’t be too far away by the look of these images. The new TV series is set to debut in Japan this fall.

Dengeki Hobby via AnimeSlovenija