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knife city – ‘goodbye, goodbye, goodbye’

precious jewel EP by knife city

To those of you following the chip scene, Luke Silas is not only the drummer for famed indie band Anamanaguchi, but also one of the biggest producers of chipstep in the game. You know him as knife city.

His most recent production, Precious Jewel EP, is a brief compilation of remastered jams and remixes by various genre heavyweights like Sabrepulse, IAYD, Iron Curtain and Boaconstructor.

My personal favorite is ‘goodbye, goodbye, goodbye’, a mandatory listen at knife city’s live sets that I always hoped to listen in a studio version since I saw this.

Precious Jewel EP dropped this week on 8bitpeoples, which is free, but if you want to support Luke, check out his Bandcamp and give him some nice NY pizza money.