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Gundam Reconguista in G and Kenichi Yoshida’s Character Design

I’ve never watched a full season of any Gundam show, but thanks to these designs by the lead animator in Eureka 7, I think that will change with Gundam Reconguista in G. 

Kenichi Yoshida has a very unique style that’s deeply inspired by classic 70’s and 80’s anime from Mazinger Z to Cyborg 009, but he combines it with new ideas which make it instantly recognizable, maybe more so than any other Japanese animator that comes to mind. Starting October I’ll be watching his talent move in this new Gundam series which seems perfect for a newbie like me to dive into.

Akira ‘Akiman’ Yasuda is good friends with Yoshida, with whom he also partnered in a different work by Yoshiyuki Tomino named ‘Overman King Gainer’.

Reco G, for brevity, is the first original animation in which Yoshiyuki Tomino, the franchise’s creator, will be involved in the last 10 years and it will also take place in a completely new era with different characters and even a new Gundam, the G-Serufu (G-Self) designed by the legend, Akira ‘Akiman’ Yasuda. I figure if I don’t hop on the Gundam train now, I never will.

Youtube’s got some previews of the series, but I’m really only interested in the character and mecha designs, which I think are very colorful and different from everything I’ve seen from Gundam before.

Gundam: G no Reconguista (Animated Series In Fall 2014) via Catsuka