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Guild01 Super Reviews are Imminent

Guild01 Super Reviews are Imminent
Liberation Maiden fanart by Arlmuffin in Colors 3D (!!!)

During the next four weeks you’ll be seeing a series of Super Reviews devoted to Guild01, the first of Level-5’s game compilations for the Nintendo 3DS.

Guild01 is something I’ve always wanted to try not just because the games are interesting and different, but because two of my favorite game designers, Suda51 and Yasumi Matsuno, pitched in with original games for the project. The series has four games and starting next week I’ll be doing a special review of Liberation Maiden, a shoot ’em up with anime trappings and really weird controls made by Grasshopper Manufacture.


In December of last year, Level-5 had an eShop sale with their Guild01 and Guild02 games, of which I ended up purchasing a few not thinking much about them until they became a huge boredom-killer while I traveled Southeast Asia.

I hope to deliver a new review or two per week and I’ll try to include additional information on each game including production design, music and videos. I hope you like them!