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figma Lucina Looks Dangerously Cute

figma Lucina Looks Dangerously Cute

Good Smile Company will be bringing figma Lucina to their collection next year and I don’t think it’ll be easy to find her once the first run is over. 

I must confess I’ve only been on that Fire Emblem: Awakening for a few weeks, but I’m totally hooked on it and it’s brutal hard difficulty. I got a 3DS exactly a year ago to this day and I was only able to play it after coming back from traveling.

All that aside, I’m already past (spoiler!) the part where Marth reveals he’s actually Lucina, who I’m sure is Chrom’s daughter from the future. I’m assuming this because I just killed Gangrel and after the two year time jump, Chrom is the father of a blue-haired baby girl.

If this is not the case, please don’t spoil me.

Lucina looks very cool and she comes with a swappable face and hair to make her look like Marth, so basically you’re getting two characters for the price of one. If you put in her face with Marth’s short hair she looks super cute. Just saying.

Hobby Search and Ami Ami began pre-orders on November 28th and if you want this, it’ll run you USD $43 ∼ $48 before April 2015.

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