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Fan-Made Trailers for Pacific Rim and Captain America 2 Kick So Much Retro Ass


You have to possess a truly practical knowledge of films in the golden age of TOHO Films or those cheesy 80’s action flicks to create trailers as unpolished and amazing as the two I have here.

The one above is a trailer for Pacific Rim as it would’ve been shown in the 70’s, when Japanese kaiju films (and one of the major influences over Guillermo del Toro’s work) were the rage. The fact it looks so faithful to the source material while still having that retro look is quite impressive.

The second trailer is more recent and it’s all about Captain America: Winter Soldier made with everything from VHS tracking effects and vanity cards (those fancy production logos at the beginning of the movie) full of those classic effects at a time where everything was shiny and made out of lasers or blue metal. I haven’t felt alive ever since.


I would totally watch the fuck out of these movies on a Sunday with my dad, just to have a laugh and remember the old days.