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Sidera: The “Fictional” Animation from Lou!

Sidera: The "Fictional" Animation from Lou!

Hey dawg, I heard you like anime, so I put some anime in y our live action film based on a comic. What?

On October 8th, French cinemas started showing the live action adaptation of Lou!, a comic book created by Julien Neel, who also directed the film.


Lou is a twelve year old girl who lives with her mom, Emma, a sci-fi writer who reaches moderate stardom thanks to her creation called Sidera, the space wanderer. For the film, animation monster studio Catfish Deluxe joined forces with Yapiko Animation to create a brief animated sequence.

Since Catfish Deluxe recently debuted its new tumblr, I thought it would be cool to share the design process of the sexy heroine along with Lou!’s official trailer. It looks fun even though I can only pick up about 10% of what they say!