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Pizza Hut Cats Operate Restaurant in Japan

Gatos de Pizza Hut Operan Restaurante en Japón

Put this one in my “reasons why I want to visit Japan before I die” list. The cardboard-flavored pizza chain, Pizza Hut, has a new ad campaign where one of its restaurants is run entirely by a bunch of lazy, demotivated cats. Sounds familiar?

Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch are four Pizza Hut cats that operate a delivery facility and extremely good at working whenever they feel like it. They even have a web site full of videos of their daily happenings at the office:


It looks like one day someone at Pizza Hut Japan just woke up and was like “hey, what if we make some cats deliver pizza amiriiiiite?!” and that was it. This ad campaign doesn’t seem to have any purpose other than try to make viral videos even clarifying, to our dismay, that “the Pizza Cat! Shop is a fake store”.

Wow, great work guys, thanks for the heads up.

I was hoping they’d reveal some type of mutant samurai cat that could really deliver my pizza and make me poop my life, but alas the real Japan holds no candles to the lofty expectations of the awesome Japan of my childhood.


For what it’s worth, my fav cat is Detch, because Detch has the best name and because Detch looks like the kind of cat who goes home every day after work, takes out a cold milk bottle out of the fridge and lies down on his bean couch/bed to watch TV and lick his girlfriend(s).

Pizza Cat! via Adweek