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Nintendo Amiibo Figures Look Rad

During the weekend, Nintendo hit it out of the park with another Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS, in which they announced a metric ton of new stuff, including the date and price for their new Amiibo figures.

Besides looking beautiful and detailed, the figures have NFC technology just like those found on Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures, which store your gameplay information on various Wii U and 3DS titles. You can then go to your friend’s house and pit your Amiibo figures against each other to see who wins.

It’s a pretty cool concept and it works well with the Wii U controller, but the current 3DS models require an additional device to read the Amiibo data, and here is where this video comes in:


During Japan’s Nintendo Direct, they announced the New Nintendo 3DS which, aside from having a really creative name, already has a built in NFC reader in its screen. Nintendo didn’t say if we’ll get the New Nintendo 3DS outside of Japan, but chances are if they did we wouldn’t see it before 2015, which should buy me some time to sell my 3DS XL and see if I can get me one of these with the sexy button color schemes.

The first 12 Amiibo will come out for sale by the end of the year for USD $12.99 each. I don’t own a Wii U, but I’d still buy the Kirby, Yoshi and Fox figures just to put them in my work desk and stare at them all day. Does anyone else think the Mario figure is the worse of them all? That fireball looks ugly.

Nintendo Amiibo @ Amazon