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Nendoroid Solid Snake is Sneaking Into Your House Soon

Oh man, this is awesome! Good Smile Co. will be bringing the master of duct creeping, Solid Snake, to their Nendoroid collection. 

Nendoroid Solid Snake is an adaptation of the first appearance of the character in the Metal Gear Solid series of games. The dude comes with a SOCOM pistol, a FAMAS rifle and of course, a cardboard box to hide from your boss when you leave the desk for lunch or to chat up that girl who works three cubicles down the isle.

I’m surprised that it took so long to bring Mr. Snake to the Nendoroid collection, but at least we won’t have to wait much longer to have him, since he’ll be out for takings next November for a cool ¥4,500 (USD $45) and you can pre-order him from GSC, J-List or any other retailer that does Japanese imports.