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Bayhem: Exploring the Michael Bay Filmmaking Method


Although most people might not care about his style, among movie lovers and fans of the franchises he destroys touches, Michael Bay is not a director that’s often recommended. Whatever your opinion on the matter, there’s no reason to avoid exploring his way of filmmaking and why people keep paying to see his work.

Explosions, rotating slow-mo shots, shake cam chases and more explosions. This is what we now call “Bayhem” and even though I didn’t know about this term a minute ago, I get the reason behind his success thanks to Tony Zhou and another one of his stylish decomposition videos, just like he did with Satoshi Kon.

I haven’t seen the new Ninja Turtles flick and I think the last time I payed to see a Bay film was back in 2008 with Transformers 2, but way before robots and turtles came over there was a time where his style and dialogue in films were not that big of a cliché.

Perhaps I’ll never see another Bayhem film at a theater, but if I’m flipping through channels and Bad Boys 2 comes on TV, I’m running to the kitchen for a bowl of Capn’ Crunch and you can bet I’ll be sitting down to watch the shit out of it because fuck yeah, lamp posts.

 Tony Zhou en Vimeo