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My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

This are the top 10 games I’m most excited about from Sony’s PlayStation 4 showcase in no particular order. Let’s go. 

Another year, another E3 gone by and this one is probably the best we’ve had in a while, so why not do a list about the games I’m most excited about? I’ve made a list for PS4, Xbox One and all the other multi-platforms (sorry, Nintendo, you weren’t too sharp this year).

One simple rule: games can only be from the pool of stuff that showed in this year’s E3, nothing from last year. Montages count.


Publisher: Devolver Digital • Developer: Eneme Entertainment

I’ve had my eye on this indie action RPG for a while, but only last week were we truly shown how far along the game has come and damn, it’s looking fine. In the game you control a redhead warrior, the protector of the world tree Yggdrasil that’s been consumed by the titular Eitr, a dark substance that’s poisoning the 9 norse realms connected to the tree. Fuck yes.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

Publisher: SCE • Developer: Guerrilla Games

The creators of the Killzone franchise surprised us all with this beautiful new game in which mankind is no longer the dominant species and now 1,000 years in the future robotic dinosaurs are roaming the Earth. Guerrilla claims the game will be open world and full of action sequences that involve strategy to defeat enemies. We’ll also control a redhead hunter girl who has no relation to the previous game in this list.

Death’s Gambit

Publisher: Adult Swim Games • Developer: White Rabbit

The offspring of Castlevania, Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, Death’s Gambit looks like a sleeper hit that should’ve gotten way more attention than it did at the show. While details are scarce on the story, I do know the game will feature sword and gunplay where you’ll need to pick the right weapons and abilities for the enemies you face.

My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

Street Fighter V

Publisher: Capcom/SCE • Developer: Capcom

That Sony managed to secure the rights for Street Fighter exclusively on their console is a huge deal if you haven’t gotten a PS4 or Xbox One yet or if you planned to get into competitive gaming with this title. The decision already affects the biggest game in the biggest e-sports fighting competition on Earth, EVO, but aside from video game politics the game happens to look gorgeous and seems to pack enough new strategic changes to make it more than just a rehash of SFIV with better graphics. I suck at Street Fighter, but I’ll still play it when it comes out.


My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

Publisher: SCE • Developer: Campo Santo

You should already know how I feel about Firewatch and its dope art by Olly Moss. If you don’t, read about it here. Spoiler: I think it’s awesome.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Publisher: Square Enix • Developer: Square Enix

That this game is actually in the works brings two major concerns to my immediate attention: 1. How long will they take to make this playable and not cast a shadow over Final Fantasy XV? 2. Will this tarnish the sweet memories I have of the original game now that it’ll basically rewrite some of the scenario to fit the new graphics and our updated gaming habits in 2015?

I know, I’m thinking way ahead of myself, but that’s a thing I do often. I’ll just shut up and watch the damn thing for the 300th time.

The Last Guardian

My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

Publisher: SCE • Developer: Team ICO

No other demo in E3 made me gasp as much as this one did. With every breathtaking jump of that child I seriously feared for his life and the baby gryphon. Just the sight of this was enough to believe in miracles.

No Man’s Sky

Publisher: SCE • Developer: Hello Games

Every time Sean Murphy comes out on stage to demo this game I feel like something crazy is going to happen, but so far none of his appearances have equaled that of the game’s reveal. I keep asking what else can I do aside from piloting my ship and discovering new stuff, so in a sense my expectations for this game have been lowered a bit. Still an impressive idea I want to play with though.

Ratchet & Clank

My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

Publisher: Insomniac Games • Developer: Insomniac Games

This was a treat. A serious delight to watch. The demo where they show the game’s first level with all the new stuff the PS4 can do is insane, truly a leap from when I first enjoyed this adventure back in 2004ish. Can’t wait to play this again!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Publisher: SCE • Developer: Naughty Dog

After playing the third and supposedly final installment of the series, I swore Uncharted off, vowing to only play Uncharted 2 if the itch ever came close. The demo at last year’s E3 didn’t particularly win me over, but this? This right here? Look at that demo, this is my jam.

My E3 2015 Top 10: PlayStation

The Takeaway

As beautiful and impressive as these games look, the PS4 has left a pretty dry offering of games for 2015. Were it not for third-party games like The Phantom Pain and Fallout 4, the console would be bereft of any new cool games even coming close to what we were shown at E3. With all the games without dates they showed I hope they at least bought some time to fuel more stuff like this past 2016.