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Classic SEGA Posters by Cook & Becker and My Genesis Story

Classic SEGA Game Posters by Cook & Becker and My Genesis Story

Gallery Cook & Becker has announced the first set in a series of classic SEGA posters by some very talented monsters in the illustration industry.

In a joint effort with SEGA, the works have been made under official license and feature work by very serious talent such as Killian Eng, who is a sci-fi concept artist with a body of work showcased on Mondo. He made the Phantasy Star one.

Marvel cover artist Gerald Parel did the Golden Axe print, my favorite of the bunch followed by Julien Renoult‘s Streets of Rage. Renoult worked as the lead concept artist on Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive.

Rounding up the first five prints, there also Jet Set Radio by Dutch illustrator Roman van der Haven and a rad send up to Joe Musashi from the Shinobi series by Emmanuel Malin, a French artist whose work has been featured numerous times on the Café Salé Collective publications and ImagineFX to name a few.

Each poster measures 24 x 36″ (60 x 90 cm) and they go on a limited 200-print run starting at $99 USD. Totally worth it if you only buy a print or two a year, but otherwise you could hold off till there’s a discount. Nostalgia can cost a pretty penny.

Story Time

To this day I remember the bet my dad made with me back in 1993. I was in third grade in elementary school and at the start of the school year he said “if you make the first three in the honor roll, I’ll get you a SEGA”, meaning he would get the Genesis console (we just called it that way in Spanish).

I didn’t even sweat it. I just did my homework and hustled my way through tests and I thought I was doing ok, but when the grades began to come in I realized my subconscious was pushing for that Genesis. I ended up in third spot in the honor roll in three out of the four score cards.

Come December, my dad took some days off work and he drove my brothers and I to an electronic store on the same day we got our Christmas tree. At the store, the clerk asked if we wanted a Genesis or a Super Nintendo, and at the time I didn’t think it, but my brothers knew that the Super Nintendo would be a better choice simply because of all the games it had and the fact my neighbors and school friends were getting that one too.

I stubbornly chose the SEGA Genesis because I thought a deal was a deal and I wanted that Sonic. My brothers sweated me on my decision for years to come, but thanks to a local family business that rented games in my neighborhood I got to play Streets of Rage 1 and 2, Mortal Kombat 2 with the awesome blood and big sprites, Golden Axe 3 with its beastly difficulty and Shinobi III, a truly addictive game that kept changing things up in every level.

Classic SEGA Game Posters by Cook & Becker and My Genesis Story

Shit went down when a neighbor got herself Power Rangers and Sonic & Knuckles. When we found out we could connect Sonic 3 to that game and make a whole new adventure, that became my 1995 new year’s plan and it was epic.

Without what seemed like a mistake at the time, I wouldn’t know about these awesome games today. Eventually we begged for a Super Nintendo and got it two years later, but I’ll never forget the times I had with the Genesis.