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What is Astromono?

That question has two parts. First of all, Astromono is the name of this website, which is a project I began a while ago to share my love of comic books, video games and movies, to name a few. In it I hope to have fun and share some of my knowledge on these topics 😉 For all intents and purposes, you could say that I’m the Astromono (a space monkey), since I’ve been the main driving force behind the project since it’s creation in 2006, and to be fair a lot of old-time readers were already calling me that anyway.

Astromono is also the name of a character in a comic book I’ve been working on for quite a while. He is both the mascot of the site as well as the main character in the comic book project I’m writing.

About Content

The main goal of this project is to have fun and for readers to have fun too. For it to be something you can read when you get off work and you’re tired of the everyday hustle in the world. To that end, I write mainly about things that I like or find interesting, which is why you probably won’t see stories about every conceivable game or comic book out there… although, who knows? I could write about anything if there’s a good story to tell.

Anyways, I clear the air here just to say that this site is a labor of love that I do on my free time and, because I do it in my free time, it has to be something I love and enjoy doing. I’ll try posting every weekday and hopefully have some long reads tucked in between the trailers and simple announcements you’ll see.

About Support

Astromono is a work in progress. This particular iteration is probably the 5th or so and it’s a natural extension of my self. This means that the content has evolved from its origins more than a decade ago and it will continue to change as I change myself. My greatest source of motivation has always been seeing comments from people who enjoy the articles, videos, podcast episodes or anything else I come up with.

Currently, you seeing a rather bare bones version of the site running, but eventually you will start noticing changes, improvements and maybe a donations link somewhere.

For now, if you fancy working with me in any capacity, whether it be writing or helping to keep the lights on, please do not hesitate to message me, and if you enjoy the content here, consider subscribing to my newsletter. I promise it’ll be worth it.